Cucuncio Hidden Restaurant, Social Eating Food Surfing in Palermo

Most people these days are not looking for a typical tourist experience and want to act and be treated like locals - you know, try to fit in and do something unique and truly special. Finding such an experience can be the difference between having a good vacation and having a great vacation.

This is why I am very excited to announce just what you have been looking for!
Come and experience The CUCUNCIO Hidden Restaurant.

Hosted by me, Chef Patrizia in my very typical Sicilian home, I will show you the proper way to taste the wonderful and unique food of Sicily.

Relax and have lunch or dinner inside our charming house, a fascinating apartment in the historical heart of Palermo, facing a most beautiful square with a gorgeous view.

CUCUNCIO is an experience not to be missed - an experience that you'll never find in a restaurant. 

Come and taste some delicious high-quality home style cooking, all prepared by me from only local, fresh seasonal ingredients.
Let me pair your food with some of Sicily's finest wines. I should tell you that my husband is a highly recognized and sought after Sicilian wine expert and consultant.

CUCUNCIO represents truly a taste of Sicilian culture where we share the table with you eating and drinking what we do.

This is the true spirit of Sicilian food scene, sharing great food with family and friends.

Join me and I promise you an experience that you'll be talking about long after you've left my beautiful country.

Chef Patrizia

Cucuncio Palermo Hidden Restaurant, Home Food, Food Surfing, Social Eating

We are in Piazza San Domenico, one of the most beautiful site and historical view of the old centre Palermo, and wait for you to enjoy a good homemade food in our Supper Club!

Mobile phone/WhatsApp : +39 3273810531
Messanger: @alcucuncio


Cucuncio Home Food, Food Surfing, Social Eating, Hidden restaurant in the historical centre of Palermo Sicily.